Welcome to the Advertising Division of Webrush, the leading Website Design Company in Spanish, with thousands of visits in our own Web System, with sites dedicated to every one, targeted to the major consumer market in Spanish language, we have sites dedicated to Travel, Food, Military, History, Science, Fashion, Education and a lot more, and sites added weekly.

Our services can influence a large number of "latinos" in America, with sentimental roots in their homeland. It's not enought?, we can built specifically targeted sites in a couple of days, and promote them in our own web system, with over 275 sites actives every single day, all around the clock.


We offer to you Banners in long, medium and short term, (a year, six months or the time that you wish) displayed in your pocket needs, to promove your product. No more pay per click frauds, you pay only the time that you want, in the position you need, and Garantized. Ask for the Elections Special.

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